It's that indoor garden time of year

Hello friends. It's been another cold wintery week so I decided to liven things up and start our vegetable garden. I did a little research to make sure this year's garden is *better than ever*. Some of my research came from my elderly next door neighbor who can't tell a story in less than 45 minutes, likes to take naps in a chaise lounge in the back yard, and can tell me about every family that has lived in my house. He likes to swap vegetables, give me gardening tips, and call me kiddo. I kinda love it. 

Important details for a successful indoor garden:
*     Most seeds should be started indoors 6 wks. before the last frost. If you start too early    
       they become leggy and won't transplant well.
*     The seedlings need 16 hours of light- use a timer if you want to keep things simple.
*     Remove the seedling lid (in picture) once the sprouts are growing and almost touching 
       the lid.
*     The seeds/ seedlings don't want to be soaked- just keep the soil moist with a spray 
*     Start the fluorescent light about 2" above the plants once they sprout. Adjust the height of 
       the light to maintain a 2" gap as the plant grows. This keeps the seedlings warm and   
*      The most important step- make sure to harden the plants. A week before planting them 
        in the ground give them a few hours of sunlight, increasing the amount each day. Make   
        sure to bring them indoors at night if the temperature drops or if it is too windy. By the    
        end of the week they should have a full day or two of sun light an ready for planting.

Let's get started:
(2) 4'0" chains- {make sure to double check the weight limit on the chain link you choose}
(4) S hooks
(2) eyebolt screws
1 Fluorescent light- try looking on Craigslist before buying one
Seed starting kits- make sure to get the larger pods if you are growing tomatoes.
Seed packets- to find out what seeds are ideal for your zone check here.
{I found this all at Home Depot... so easy.}

The set up is just as easy as it looks. Screw the eyebolt screws into the ceiling and loop the chains through each one. Secure the light fixture with S hooks and the end of the chains. That's it. Then plant the seeds as the directions on each packet suggests. Then sit back and wait for your seeds to sprout. 

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