From a grill to a chandelier

So we have been in our house for almost 6 months now (so far so good!) and there has been lots of talk about what project to tackle first... remodel the basement, rework the kitchen, completely remodel the master bath... So, we decided to work on our master bedroom fireplace and closets first. The rest of our bedroom is done, so a few finishing touches and we can scratch this area off of our list. Stay tuned for tile choices.

We have been in the market for a grill (well, really a grill upgrade.) Last week I mentioned to my husband that he should *finally* get the grill that he has been wanting for a few years now. His response? He would rather get a chandelier for our dining room... sounds good to me! So on that note, here are my favorites.

and while we are talking lighting, here are my picks for the powder room...

and a few options that would be great in the living room and studio too.

                                                                  * Layla Grayce Lighting
                                                                  *Shades of Light
                                                                  *Saint Tropez Boutique
                                                                  *Jonathan Adler
                                                                  *Worlds Away Lighting

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  1. Oh my goodness, you have some great ones to choose from here!