Kitchens of famous foodies

I've seen my fair share of cooking shows on the Food Network, ever since I met my foodie husband 11 years ago. {He is a chef now.} I'm was usually more focused on the set design than the food they are making... which would explain why I *still* need to follow a recipe when I cook. 

First up: Ina Garten/ The Barefoot Contessa
I love the open shelves and the simplicity of the design. I'll pass on the checkered floor though.

Paula Dean in her fabulous Kitchen in Savannah. 
So southern and comfy. Her butter stash may be hidden, but that beautiful deep-fryer is built right into her island! 

What's not to love about Guy Fieri's Kitchen? I like that all the condiments are within reach right when you need them. His and Hers refrigerators? Hilarious and totally over the top. It's a 900 sf kitchen, so he has a *little* extra space.

 Martha Stewart knows a thing or two about design.  I love the sleek metal cabinets in her galley kitchen. {Her house in the Hamptons on the left/ NYC apartment on the right}

More of Kitchen in the Hamptons...

Gordon Ramsey only shows bits and pieces of his Kitchen. He spent $800,000 remodeling *only* the Kitchen. {That budget includes $100,000 for the range by the way.} 

While on the foodie topic, I made dinner tonight after seeing a yummy recipe on Oh She Glows for Creamy Avocado Pasta. The lemon- avocado- basil combo is so fresh and delicious and it really only took 15 minutes to make. Give it a try!

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