Rainy Day

I think it's going to rain all day so it's a perfect day for digging through my design files. I have sooo many magazine clippings and images on my computer that you would think we are planning on building a house soon...nope, I just save these pictures for inspiration...and to share with you. These are ideas for a *someday* cottage.

This is someone's pool house but I think it would make a great little tudor style cottage, don't you?

 I love a city yard design that maximizes every square foot. Just beautiful.

I would like cedar details too, like these columns and siding. 

Or maybe a simple a-frame style cottage?

 I'll *settle* for this in the mean time. How great is this hut by Alexander Rose? It would be a wonderful addition to my little city yard. (hint, hint for when my hubs reads this!)

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