Color palettes and Ikea Hacking

One of my favorite sources for color inspiration is Design Seeds. Jessica loves color and dreams up and creates these amazing color schemes from photographs... and every single one is striking. You can read more about how she got started here.
Wouldn't you love to design a room (or a whole house!) with one of these color palettes?

Another site I love is Ikea Hackers.  It's exactly what you are thinking: one of a kind designs made by modifying Ikea products. Some of the projects seem a little far fetched, but a lot of the designs are wonderful and created on a *tiny* budget.

1 These upholstered chairs are stenciled by hand. So cute and way easier to keep clean than solid white upholstery. 2 The next project is a dresser that has been inset into plaster walls. What a simple idea, and much cheaper than a custom built-in bank of drawers. This might have caught my eye because my  daughter had two of these dressers in her room. 3 These lights are so fun, right? The first one is a simple pendant light covered with little strips of charcoal colored felt. 4 I'm loving these glowing pair of pendants wrapped in fibers. 5 I know you have all seen this floral metal bowl at Ikea before, but probably not as a light. It would be so cute in a kids room instead of a plug in night light.

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