Wallpaper love

I'm loving that wallpaper has made it's way back into the spot light. Maybe people are *finally* worrying less about resale and caring more about filling their homes with things they love. So will there be less *beige* in our future? I don't know about that, but I guess anything is possible!

I feel like this wallpaper is totally a his & hers design for the hunter/ interior designer couple...a little country...a little rock 'n roll...and a little glam.
Barneby Gates Whimsical Deer Damask
What's not to love about these wallpapered panels in Max Azria's home? Genius.
Apartment Therapy
Wouldn't you love these walls in your Dining Room? The metallic finish gives off an intimate dinner party vibe...without all the effort! It would really dress up my take-out Thai dinner night.
Bella Luci

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