Favorite things

Our new house is near a beautiful 40 mile trail that runs along a creek. So, instead of my leisurely ride around town on my old beach cruiser, I've been hitting the trail for a long bike ride. The funny part is, I can't commit to trading in my old bike for a mountain bike so in the mean time I look totally ridiculous on my slightly beat up 1960's Hollywood Schwinn. (It was stolen once in my college days and we drove  around until we found it, and threw it in my trunk.
I *adore* it.)

You like?

 I like an unexpected or quirky element here or there, don't you?. It would be an antique handed down through the family, or even a super cool find while thrifting or antiquing.

Here are my favorite things that I will always keep around:

My vintage milk glass that I turned into huge soy candles. They burn for *hundreds* of hours and when they are done I just refill them.

my Teresa Petersen piece, Operation of a Broken Heart

my cow painting from our trip to Somoma, really a long overdue honeymoon!

our coffee table, an old tile cart from my husband's
family tile and stone business that began over 83 years ago

a funny portrait drawing my husband made on a paper tablecloth back when we were dating

our iron birds from a trip up north after our wedding

and of course, the log bed my husband made in college.

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