*Thankful* for an amazing contractor

My Powder Room is a complete mess because I've been dealing with a no-show contractor for a few weeks... but that's okay because my new contractor finished my project right before Thanksgiving!

 Powder Room before we bought our house:

and after, with Summer Palace Fret wallpaper. Love.

We are making our usual Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, Vegan Shepards Pie, green bean casserole... the list goes on. We always have dinner potluck style so the host(ess) isn't in the kitchen all day...and that leaves me time to make some of these festive cocktails.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. Love the paper! Looks fantastic with the flooring and fixtures - well done!

  2. Thanks! I've always wanted wallpaper and a classic lattice pattern seemed like a good place to start.