Day Five

This decluttering  journey has been great so far. I know, it's only day 5. I think it cleared space in my head for craftiness, now that I don't feel overwhelmed right when I walk in the door.

I *finally* reupholstered Peyton's bench with leftover fabric from my roller shades.

I made *progress* on my kitchy 960's paint-by-number. The original paints in the kit dried up so I mix each color to match. This has taken a while...

Then I made little labels for Peyton's drawers in her closet. I cut our the frames from scrapbooking paper and attached them to each handle with ornament hooks... because I have like 1,000 of those things.

Next up:
A fun framed collage in the office. I really love seeing all the different collages out there. Time for one in our house.

All images via Pinterest

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