Hello Fall

I'm getting ready for fall like this little guy. I've been canning marinara sauce...

and yesterday I picked all of the basil left in the garden and made some pesto to enjoy all winter long. This presto pesto recipe is perfect because you can freeze it in small portions. I already defrosted one and made pasta and it tastes just as fresh as before it was frozen. 
It's an 8 minute dinner on a week day. Fast, delicious, and healthy!

* {I left out the cheese since I'm a vegan, and it still tastes amazing}*

*   *   *
In other news... we are in the middle of taking apart our bedroom closets because... well, the pictures will tell you why.

They aren't large closets but I think they could be more efficient and *definitely*
 prettier. Room for improvement, right?!

I'll post the after pictures when we are done in a week or so. We plan drywalling, tiling the floor and finding some cool lighting. (cooler than that fluorescence lighting?! Haha)


  1. yum!!! I am going to try the pesto!! and what a nicve big closet!! Im jealous!! :) thanks for linking to Design Thoughts :)

  2. It would be a good size closet in NYC, but not here in the burbs. ;) I just posted the after pics, so much better now.