Tiny house portraits

So I tried my best to find time here and there to make a Christmas present for my husband. There were days when he came home early and I would run around cleaning up and hiding everything.

*Somehow* I managed to surprise him.

These are my tiny house portraits. I had so many memories of each house as I painted them. {Please email me if you would like a tiny house portrait too.}

Top left: This is a house we rented when we first moved to Denver. It had some amazing architectural details... and a crazy landlord who lived downstairs. 

Top right: This was our loft in Denver. There was a Chipotle and a coffee shop in the building. What more could you ask for? My husband (boyfriend back then) was in culinary school at the time so we had *many* great dinner parties there. 

Bottom left: This house was on a perfect little dead-end street. We were weekend warriors and worked on every inch of that house together. We met some of our best friends there and mastered the art of the impromptu BBQ... on a weekly basis. I was pregnant with our little Peyton in that house too. For all of those reasons and more it was a tough place to leave after 8 years.

Bottom right: This is our current house. It is a 1915 craftsman and we live right in town so we walk to everything. We went full circle on this one and moved back to where I grew up. We have been here for 2 years so the memories are in the making... and hopefully some renovations too. 

*I still have to complete the portrait of our first house. No rush since I haven't even hung these yet.*

*     *     *

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