Our first minimalist birthday party

This weekend was my daughter, Peyton's 6th birthday. We decided to go super minimalist this year, which is nice for a birthday kinda close to Christmas. We invited 7 neighborhood kids over for artistic fun and some cake and ice cream... The best part was no gift giving. Your presence is the present.... and it worked! 

We made some of those sharpie mugs you always see on Pinterest. Just draw with Sharpies and bake them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and they are permanent. Even a few dads decorated a mug. {cute!}

craft time:


They turned out pretty darn cute.

... and now for the treats.
Peyton is crazy about horseback riding so we *had* to have horse sugar cookies... and cake pops too. Once the sugar icing dried I added food coloring to the icing and made polka dots by dipping a chopstick in it. Don't laugh. It worked.

*    *    *

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