Under Construction

So, we are officially...

Yikes. Our house is full of dust and there are a few new holes in the walls.  

We are making progress on the basement remodel. We are jumping in and making changes as needed along the way. This will be a *slow* project. I'm hoping to be painting in that studio space by Winter.
Fingers crossed.

Our first step was to remove the old 2 story chimney stack that is in the way in our Kitchen. It took the crew 3 full days to remove it, starting on the roof and knocking bricks into a wheel barrow in the basement. It was trial and error and a little insane to watch. We are getting a new furnace so we don't need the chimney for venting the old furnace and water heater anymore. Yay, more space in the Kitchen! 

View from the Kitchen window:

This is the wall outside my daughter's room. {sans chimney}
I'm dreaming of a little linen closet right there.

See the chimney note in this sketch? It's right in the middle of my Kitchen on the main floor. 
{or I guess it WAS!}

 Yes, I am totally comfortable with random notes written on my hands high-school-style.

*    *    *

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