All about tile... maybe too much

I think I have admitted it before, but I'll say it again: I am a tile nerd. Along with that love comes a little bit of obsessing about the details: grout joint thickness, handmade artisan glazes... it's kinda like fashion for me.

In the old house we had a beautiful, rustic Italian cobblestone floor. After living with it for a few years I realized that it was tough to Swiffer. {I hate vacuuming!}

We decided to go old school and mud-set our basement floor in the new house so that we could have large tiles with minimal grout joints... and no more cobblestone edges.
It was a little scary at first. They contractors brought 4 truck loads of mud {a sand and concrete combo} carried it downstairs in buckets, and worked their way across the floor, leveling it perfectly.

The madness in my backyard:

Leveling the mud:

We unloaded our tile, aka 2 hours of serious cardio.

Terracotta herringbone floor in our wine room:

16x24 Travertine in the Living Room and Studio:

6x36 wood- looking porcelain in the bathroom

*   *   *

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