Door lovin'

I wanted our new basement to be a little more clean- lined than the rest of our craftsman house. Craftsman is a beautiful, but it can be a little dark with all the stained moldings and doors so I thought the basement would be a little break... a little less masculine and a little more my style.

We always wanted 3 panel doors, but after looking into the sizes, our 7' ceiling height meant cutting off a lot of the bottom panel of the door... and that would look strange. After a little brainstorming with our trim guy we ordered solid core slab doors and added the panel detail with 1/4" thick MDF. We have a few different sized doors, so this allowed us to scale the molding for each door to match. In other words...

P.S. I'm in love with this door. ;)

Not all great ideas are on a fancy- shmancy blueprint... some are random sketches texted to the hubs and trim guy, like this one. We reused 2 doors because you just can't pass on a door that was original to the house. {Our house will be 100 next year!}

 The wine room door:
This gloss black door looks so much better in real life without the flash. Gloss black doors have been on my wish list *forever*. They are beautiful *and* fingerprint proof. Perfection.

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