Half your age plus 7

I was at a work party chatting about our 20s, 30s, and 40s and which was the best and I mentioned my age, 37. {I have recently thought about my upcoming birthday a few times and felt a little stressed about 38. Ridiculous, I know.}

 A friend mentioned that he believes in the the half your age plus seven rule for dating. Equal parts random and funny, right? We were making calculations with his formula and someone mentioned that I was in fact, {a-hem} 36. 
What the heck? When did I add a year? How long have I been this exaggerated age? Is this what starts to happen as birthdays accumulate?

 More importantly:
What am I going to do with this *bonus year*? LOL.
*  *  *
*P.S. The 30s are *way better* than the 20s. Don't you agree?

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