Elle Decor Love

Don't you just love every issue of Elle Decor? I'm always so excited when I see it in the mailbox...It's the small things, right? I've been thinking about actress Keri Russell's brownstone in Brooklyn ever since I saw it in Elle Decor a few weeks ago. I'm loving the plank box and potted plant used as a side table in the living room... and all the bright white against the dark stained wood. Even with all the shades of white, the house still feels cozy.

This dining room is perfect. Just the right amount of feminine details against the strong architecture.

Her handy, dumpster diving hubby pulled up, numbered, restored, and nailed back every plank of the flooring. (I could go on for days about my love of carefully restored homes and upcycling old materials...and my dislike for *gutting* a house.) Her hubby also made all the cabinetry and vanities from a dismantled post-and-beam barn. A-mazing!

*  *  *