A window in the shower... yea or nay?

So we *need* to remodel our bathroom at some point, but we are a little hung up on the floor plan... and maybe the tile selections too. My husband and I work {together!!} at a tile and stone company and we are constantly getting new products... which leads to new ideas.

The best layout for our bathroom would involve moving the shower to the end. I would love to have a fixed glass panel with an opening instead of a shower door.

Here is the current layout with our tiny shower.

disclaimer: I can draw, really I can.
I drew this with a 6" ruler and a random pen from my purse while Peyton had a play date. 
Pinterest and all those fantastic design magazines always feature showers with windows and it looks so chic and modern. I wouldn't mind some clean lines in our 1915 craftsman.

I'm loving this shower. I like a dark floor to anchor the room and crisp, white subway tiles for the walls. 

Isn't this shower amazing?

Okay, my window isn't that big, but this is so beautiful. Better than a painting hanging on the wall.

via Pinterest

So... are you yea or nay on the idea of a window in the shower?  


  1. YES!!!! I love a window in the shower!!!
    Ps..hope you guys had a great Easter!!!

  2. Oohh I love it yoo!! And love your inspiration pics!!