The year of the garden

We had some friends over dinner the other night and I was talking about how I have *always* wanted a garden. I would love to teach Peyton how to grow vegetables and herbs... and maybe some pumpkins too. So my friend said,"enough of the talk, just do it. The hippies I know would have done it by now." He's a character, but he's right. {He also addresses me as *the vegan* instead of by my name.}

So {hopefully} this will be the year of the garden. Every vegan should have a garden, right?

I've been reluctant to start plans for the garden because that part of our yard is a steep hill, so it won't be easy.

It's more like this... kidding. The hill is steep though.

So our yard is on the small side and there are tons of pavers...

 which is fantastic for hula hooping, lol, but I think we need to green it up a bit with some raised beds.

Like these:

via Pinterest

Let the planning begin. Do you have any tips for a successful garden?

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Have a great weekend.

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