A strange part of our yard gets a makeover

I am loving Smart Gardener, a website I discovered a few weeks ago. The best part is...this site handles all the gardening details for you, from recommending seeds that are suitable for your climate, to creating a layout, to reminding you when to plant.
I started my plan a few weeks ago, and while it's a little early to plant here in Michigan,I'm already receiving reminders with to do lists for my garden. I *can't wait* to start planting.

It's like a floor plan for your vegetables.
via Smart Gardener

Here is the before photo:
This space was an alley way back when, so it's been neglected.

... yes, it's kinda scary... and the retaining wall looks like part of a crumbling ancient ruin.

Now you can see why we need to add a little creativity to the space, right?
I hope you had a great weekend.

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