Just incase you missed this-  Ellen and Portia talked about veganism and their personal chef's new cookbook on Rachel Ray. I loved every minute. I've been a vegan for most of my life so I'm always excited to hear about others views on being vegan/ vegetarian. {When I was a teenager I survived on only vegetable pasta salad because I didn't know how to cook. True story.}

I agree with Ellen that pizza is better without cheese. Here is what she said on RR:
I’ve found that you can have pizza without cheese and it’s delicious, because the cheese is so heavy and it fills you up and until you know the difference you really think ‘Oh well that’s all that pizza is.’ Once you have it with just tomato sauce and just vegetables, there’s more room for cocktails. You can drink more,” she said seriously, while of course joking."
She is *hilarious*.

Would you give this cookbook a try?

Something a *little* more design related... 

Have you entered to win this beautiful green home from HGTV yet? I have for the past few days. I've never even bought a lottery ticket before, so this is a little out of character for me... but why not, right?

This post makes me feel like I've been watching too much tv. Hmm.

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