Container Gardens

My new garden takes up most of my free time, so I decided to make all of our containers maintenance free this year. I took some tips from this article so that my plants will come back each spring. You could add some perenials too, but I like just simple greens.

via Apartment Therapy

via Better Home and Gardens
via Martha Stewart
A few pretty containers I spotted up north.

Here are the containers I have in the yard so far:

creeping jenny * red dragon grass * potato vine

frog belly:

chives, tarragon, and thyme... we already cut some for dinner last night.

more creeping jenny: (this one is in a trash picked planter!)

(they have to be stored in the garage all winter and watered whenever it's above freezing)

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  1. aww! so pretty Merry!! Love the pot that the creeping Jenny is in!!