A small *coulda, woulda, shoulda* moment

I hardly ever go to the mall for home furnishings- the internet makes it so easy {overstock.com} plus I live super close to Home Goods. I also don't really look at those catalogs that randomly show up in my mailbox {Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, etc.} I guess I should because...

I could have had *these* beautiful tavern patio chairs. Uh. Maybe I should go to the mall more than once a year... or peruse those darn catalogs. 

There is a happy ending to this coulda, shoulda, woulda moment because I found these Tabouret chairs on Overstock.com {$199 for a set of four.} Wowzers. So we have eight on the way. Now I just need a table. Seriously.

*    *    *

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