Early Holiday Show

One of my favorite things is the Holiday show at The Lamb's Tail. They always have *the* best antiques, vintage pieces, and fun accessories too. This year it was so warm {by Michigan standards} and the barn and the tents were filled to the brim with holiday goodies. 

Here is a peek:

There were two of these storage bin thingies. I talked myself out of it like 10 times since our basement remodel won't be happening for a while. It would be the coolest for craft storage. Okay, I'm still thinking about it.

My husband had to have this vintage- cart- turned- coffee- table.
{even though we already have this one- scroll down in the post a little}

...and this island for our Kitchen remodel, someday. It seems like we are stock piling for a renovation. Hmmm...

This picture is a reminder that I need to carry a camera at all times and stop relying on Iphone pictures. It was the prettiest tree... but not in a picture without a flash.

Enjoy the short work week... and Happy Thanksgiving.

*        *       *

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