Our clean up game

So, as a parent, you can't totally control how much stuff your child brings into the house
{believe me, I try} but you can teach them how to organize it a little better. The best way I have found is to trick them into picking up. Every night before bed Peyton gets to choose two songs to play on her Hello Kitty stereo and we pick up and get her pajamas on before the songs are over. She *loves* it. It's like a little challenge. There is time for a little dancing while we pick up too!

Then we can focus on the more important stuff like reading bedtime stories.

Do you have any tricks to make things a little easier with your kiddos?

Swoop bags are genius.

Do you have them race each other?

Have you surrendered to all the toys? 
Maybe you could camouflage the rooms so you can't tell if it's a mess or not.

*      *      *

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