Welcome back couch... and vegan cookies!

My daughter and I are just getting over a cold. It was only a 2 day cold, but it was *bad* one. I think my 15 year old cat and I are equal on sleep. Seriously. 

We decided to make our favorite yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies to make the day a little better. 
Everyone deserves a little dessert every now and then. {Even the vegans!}
Give them a try. 

Also, our couch is back.
refinished and reupholstered... check it out.

I had to fit a little tufting and some nail heads in there.
They are have been on my design wish list forever.

Before... remember?

*    *    *

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  1. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE it!!! nail heads are my fav!! it looks awesome!!