We spent a little time in Savannah on vacation too. I am a graduate of SCAD {Savannah College of Art and Design} so I showed my friends around town for the day.

We took a Ghost tour of the Sorrel Weed house and learned the history of the home, while walking around a creepy, dark mansion. TAPS ghost hunters filmed an episode there several years back. We didn't experience anything {thankfully!}, but here are a few curious photos from tours of the house.

They handed our EMF detectors, which the kids loved.

Ok... I tried it too.

Then we went shopping. I wanted to move into one of the stores, Paris. Really everything was amazing and beautifully displayed.

... and I just *had to* visit my old college hang out, The Rail. The jukebox was gone so I couldn't play the Rolling Stones and Neil Diamond like we used to. We grabbed a beer in a to-go cup, as they do in Savannah. When in Rome...

Then we had pizza at my favorite pizza place in the world, yes, the world. 
Vinnie Van Gogo's.

No cheese, that's how we roll. :)

... and our friend's *real* pizza slice.

*    *    *    *

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