A little Grey Owl in my office

My hubs and daughter went up north last weekend, so I had the weekend to myself. {!!!} My first thought when I have some time alone is *always* what little project can I get done in a day or two? The second thought is what movies/ shows does my hubs hate to watch? {and Peyton can't interrupt!}

Last time I took on too large of a project while my husband was in Italy, remember? I finished just in time then I saw the neighborhood kids dumping the remaining paint in my front yard and painting all over the grass. {This really happened, and two of them are 12 years old. Ahhh! But I love my cottage style old neighborhood, right? Mmm hmm.}

This time I reorganized the Kitchen and Dining Room and painted the office. I don't like to paint but I strongly dislike the Tuscan Gold/ peanut butter paint colors from when we bought the house.
{Only 2 rooms to go!}

{Here is the Before}


I baked my hubs his favorite carrot cake, just incase he didn't like the paint color.
 {I'm only half joking!}
I tried out a new cream cheese frosting recipe, and it is fabulous!

*  *  *

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