A little clawfoot tub action

We held onto this clawfoot tub from our first house, way back in 2000. Well, actually my 
mother-in-law kept it in one of her extra horse stalls for 13 years. {Thank you!}

This morning we sanded the tub to remove any loose paint chips...

and then sprayed it with *lots* of Rustoleum matte black paint...

and a little Rustoleum Metallic Chrome for the feet.

We kept the rusty old barn nails that attach the claw feet.

Then we realized that we did all of this before 9:00 am, because we forgot about changing our clocks for daylight saving time. Lol.

my pinspiration:

P.S. My daughter dressed up for *the first time ever*. We usually buy a costume and then she refuses to wear it on Halloween. That is a tradition that I was *happy* to break. Peyton's cat ears were replaced with hipster glasses half way through the night. Ha ha.

*    *    *

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