Construction & Chicago

 I decided to insulate our basement myself. Yes, you read that right, myself. We wanted to stay
*on track* with our basement remodel, and keep a great drywaller, who said he could only fit us in this week. So, I put on those awkward-extra-large- man-sized utility gloves and got to work.

It took about 3 hours to cut and install the insulation. Somehow I really enjoyed the process, which is unexplainable, really. It was easier than I thought... cut , push between studs, staple, repeat. My daughter and I left bright and early the next morning for a grand opening of our showroom in Downtown Chicago.

The showroom is gorgeous.

Italian mosaics in the foyer:

Looks like Peyton had tons of fun networking at the party.

My favorite tile in the whole wide world: Pratt and Larson

We made our way over to West Elm for a bit. Love. it. all. It felt like home... maybe that is why Peyton was rearranging?

Our last stop, The Shedd Aquarium.
The jelly fish exhibit was so much cooler than these photos show.

*    *    *

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