Door dilemma

I have to admit that I have been ignoring my front door and it's problems lately for 3.5 years. You have to hip check it to lock it and it takes quite a bit of effort to open when a guest knocks. A molding fell off a year ago and I put it in the closet- out of sight out of mind.

Fast forward to present. The window pane is cracked from all the above mentioned hip-checking. 
Door abuse.Yikes.

Option 1: Leave the door as is, let the house fall apart, become a shut-in with lots of stray cats and some 
                over grown landscaping.                  
Option 2: Repair and refinish the 100 year old door. Probably $$$$.
Option 3: Find a new door {that operates properly} and fits the look of our 100 year old craftsman. 
Option 4: Paint the door bright turquoise and surprise the hubs when he comes back from his golfing 
                trip. This *isn't* a real option, but I wish it was!

What is a girl to do?

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