Off the grid

We went *way* off the grid for a week this summer to Charleton lake Camp in Whitefish Falls, CA. 
No phones or t.v., fishing for dinner {except for me and my veggie burgers!} and cooking over campfire.
{7 hr drive + 1 hour ferry ride + 1.5 hour drive + a quick boat ride = destination

Get comfortable... because this post is full of pictures. This place was so beautiful I couldn't stop documenting. Shocker, I know.

I know this isn't camping, but it was pretty close to it. I settled on the term cabining, because it for sure wasn't glamping like the Housewives of New York would do.

We took our little fishing boat to a different island each night and started a campfire to cook our dinner. We all hung out until dusk and then headed back to the cabins to play cards. 
{no internet or t.v., remember??}

My in-laws have been coming here for over 40 years.... cooking dinner the same way each time. Soups for appetizers, skillet potatoes, and fresh pancake battered fish.

I have at least 40 pictures of the lily pads, moss, and lichen. There was a good amount of time spent fishing, so what's a girl to do?

*  *  *

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