A new tradition

The first day of school jitters are gone. {Yay!} This morning I took my second grader to school and she asked if I could drop her off. What? No way. So we parked and we made it half way to the school doors before she insisted that I stop, and let her find her way to the class line.

Our new tradition {year two!} is loading the back to school pics on the computer only to find the settings made the pictures blurry, foggy, and ugly. So here's to our new tradition of recreating the photo after school, lol.

We wrapped up our basement remodel with a Pratt and Larson backsplash. I have loved their tile for *years* so it's fun to finally have it in our house. Their new tile shapes are so fun to design with. This is the triple scallop, fish scales, clouds or ghosts... depending on who you ask. We chose 7 colors and created a custom blend {only 10% of the white and dark bronze color}. My coworkers voted on the percentages- yet another perk of working with other designers. We agreed that it should blend with the wall color, and that some colors should be super saturated.

I'm not finished styling the bar yet, but I thought I would share it anyway. We might add a distressed shelf with metal brackets above... and attempt to keep the snack jars a little more full.

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