All Things Winged

 I just wrapped up the most hectic art show weekend ever at the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, MI. It is always *the best* show to be a part of. The vendors and the crowd are creative, sweet, a little hipster and so much fun to chat with.

I sold almost all of my organic soy candles {All Things Winged on Etsy} which had me thinking... I wonder exactly how many of these I have made so far?!?

I had some amazing thrifting over the past few weeks. The squirrel container and the Southern Comfort glasses made me giddy. I love thrifting.
The pizza from Woodward Avenue Brewers is picture- worthy. 
The best pizza *ever*.

 I'm getting back into my beer cap trays. Hello friends...yes, I will be hoarding all your beer caps again. This one is a vintage cake stand.
I'm going to get some things done around the house and relax  bit. make more soy candles for my Etsy store, All Things Winged.
*  *  *

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