Designing with our better half

As an interior designer, I have learned that there are design elements that guys just will not go for. No. matter. what. Here are the top unspoken guy design rules. {I'm hoping to change a few of these in our house.}

Herringbone pattern: It's a no- go for wood flooring, fabric patterns, and definitely the kitchen backsplash. I've tried. I was able to sneak it into our tiny wine room floor, so there is *some* hope. Same goes for Chevron pattern.  How can you not fall for this classic crisp zig-zag pattern?
Pink: They will look at it closely and turn to me and ask if I see a hint of pink. Ladies, they are super suspicious of our every {design} move!
Brass: My husband thinks it's old fashioned and grandma-ish. Oh how I wish he could be converted to the ways of Anthropologie. When I tried to spray paint the claw foot tub feet brass he jokingly said,"brass is *ss". 
Turquoise: This happens to be my favorite color so I have to sneak it in the house gradually. My hubs thinks it's too vintage-y. I've even tried calling it blue-green to accentuate the blue side of it. Not happening.

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